In science we try to find ways for our students to build their own knowledge supported by their current and previous capabilities. We promote exploration, hoping to capture their attention with different, fun projects that result in them taking informed decisions about their own health. Currently the children are attracted […]

Healthy Food

At the start of the school year our K3 children started work on the method ‘a world of letters’, where they have seen a story that discovers each letter of the alphabet, each week. Little by little they mode progress on the big adventura, dramatizing, playing, drawing and tasting food […]

Little letters

The constructivist model that or educational institution proudly adopted allows that each one of our students to participate in an active learning process, where acting on our reality is building that learning process and at the same time the structures in his/her own mind. This model allows us to effectively […]

Reporter for a day

One of the greatest paradigms nowadays is constructivism. The student creates his or her own understanding while the teachers serve as a moderator, allowing the student to ask his or her own questions in order to arrive at the conclusion of what is real or not. In the classroom there […]

Making Constructivism a Reality

During this month of March, we started with the theme “Environmental Care”, in which our Kinder 2 kids in the area of Spanish were able to observe, give their opinion on, and make changes to help our environment. We started by seeing some images of one clean environment and one […]

Caring for the Environment

The students of 9th grade are currently reading a novel called “Lord of the Flies” which is about a group of boys that survive an airplane crash and form a small society in which they have to take care of themselves. Once proper and civilized, the boys now become wild […]

Lord of the Flies

The activities performed within the classroom allow students to be engaged, because we use attractive activities which are explained according to their needs, experiences, and context as young children. The classroom structure is changed (classroom: benches, chairs, amongst others) and the intention is that students work and share, promoting respect. […]

Bringing Constructivism into the classroom

In preschool, teachers have many activities that involve play and learning together, and music class is no exception. Because music is an art and the students have to listen, feel, express and identify with the music. One of the recent topics for Kinder 3 was to learn about rhythmic figures […]

Building Music