Getting to Know Hidalgo State

By Miss Diana Julieta, Preschool Spanish Teacher

During the month of January, we started to work on different subjects that would help the students learn about several meaningful aspects of our state, and thus “recognize and respect the diversity of linguistic expressions of their culture and others”.

In the first grade Preschool group, the students worked on recognizing colors, fabrics and ornaments which to a large extent are related to the historic conformation of different cultures in the region, and the geographical differences between each one. Some were from the Huasteca, Tepehua, and Valle del Mezquital regions.


In the second grade Preschool group, children had fun getting to know the gastronomy of our state, they did research and discovered that the dishes are the results of Indian and Spanish ingredients and traditions. The basis for many of these foods are maize fields where corn, beans, chili peppers, and zucchinis and grown, but particularly products that derive from maguey. Hidalgo’s cuisine is diverse in each of its regions. The children selected the most popular dishes to share with their peers.

In the third grade Preschool group they learned the subjects: “languages and important places in our state”, students did research with pictures and videos that mentioned these features. Everything started with the process or reading and writing, they made organized registers to classify this diversity. In languages, they chose Náhuatl, the most common in our state, they selected some words and learned their meaning. After that the students learned about the most important places, starting with those the students have visited and the activities they have done there. Each student chose a place and mentioned the features, showing them in posters, to share with their peers. They were very motivated to visit more places within our state and to learn about their history and meaning.

In music class, the children of all three grades that had responded to a previous invitation made huapango ensembles with instruments they know and like.

At the end of this project, there was a celebration on Tuesday, January 16th to celebrate the Erection of the State of Hidalgo. We gathered in the Auditorium, where each group shared their information, it was a meaningful activity for the children, because it awoke within them an interest to keep on learning about aspects of our state.

At the end they sang “mañanitas” (happy birthday song) for the state and with the support of the parents that sent cakes to each level, staff and students shared a very pleasant time that the children still remember.

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