Reflective Writing

Our 8A and 8C classes were able to explore their own Psyches this week through a focus on reflective writing. Students from both classes were tasked with reflecting upon a certain incident in their life which has left a lasting impact, and gone on to mould an aspect of their personality.

Reflective writing has such a personal touch to it, meaning that to achieve the highest grades, they had to submerse themselves into the topic and write openly about the person they perceive themselves to be. Students learned how other authors were to able to promote a “Broader insight” without explicitly saying it, and how to “read between the lines” of a given piece of text.

Students were tasked with analysing certain texts, and extrapolating certain thoughts and feelings from the little information the author gives us. Then, once confident in their ability to decipher certain biases and unsaid beliefs from a text, they worked on implementing those into their own writing through metaphors, similes and imagery. It was exciting to see in which ways students could relate past experiences to the current day, and make a strong case for why they feel it has a broader insight.

Due to the relatively personal nature of this topic, if a student did not want to share their personal experience, I was understanding. However, it came as a shock when they were openly sharing insights that they have gained through an incident in their life, fostering a platform for open discussion.

By Jason Boyd, 8th Grade English Language Arts

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