Tactile Lesson

By Miss Joselyn López Peralta, Kinder 1A and 1B Spanish.

According to my professional experience I can say with authority that it is a great challenge to design activities to foster student achievement, but it is also very satisfactory to see how children are integrating that learning into their daily lives.

During the month of October, I designed a didactic situation called “What am I touching and how does it feel?” for students of Kinder 1A & B.

Students manipulated and examined different objects from the natural environment: sand, stones, plants, soil, grass, etc. At the beginning of the activities they did not want to get dirty and wanted to wash their hands as soon as possible. Nevertheless, when they noticed there were other children enjoying the activity they gave themselves the chance to do it. It was a very fun activity for them, they manipulated materials without worrying about getting dirty, focusing on the color, texture, temperature, etc. The activity was guided by different questions, such as How does it feel? Is it cold? Is it soft? Does it make me itch? Does it smell? The students enjoyed working on activities in different environments, sometimes they wanted to keep doing the activity for longer than anticipated. Overall it was a great success.

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