Science Fiction in Spanish

Students from 7C had classes around the theme of ‘a science fiction story’ in Spanish, and the activity was to create a story from works of fiction they were already familiar with and that had had a literary impact on the 20th Century. Students learnt about key elements of story-writing: techniques that allow one to create a unique style or effect, ways of provoking emotion in the reader, conventional orthography, grammar and spelling, and of course the role of technology and science in the genre, all in order to achieve the expected learning outcome of writing an effective story of science fiction.

Students were able to use the correct lingustic techniques aforementioned, always learning how to communicate their ideas in this genre, and being able to adapt their language to diverse communicative situations in the writing of their own story. They then shared their stories with each other, making a bound collection of all the stories. In class, the students read a classmate’s story, and comment on its content with authority, having tried to recognize and use the same techniques in their own. They offer constructive criticism and praise, asking each other questions such as ‘What did you like about this story/ theme?’, ‘Why do you think it’s important?’, analyzing their creative ideas on writing.


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