PE in Preschool

During childhood, playing is an activity for children which is of outmost importance, both for their physical development and for the establishment of their individuality, so it is the ideal way to help in the formation of children at this early stage.We consider PE to be an essential part of the basic education that children receive because of its two key areas of focus: body and movement.

During the months of August, February and June guided activities with mothers and grandparents take place, with the purpose of spreading “values for social coexistence”, promoting teaching and the practice of values as a basic form of coexistence in the social environment, and helping to build the personality of the child.

PE in preschool has as its purpose the development of perceptive-motor capacities, concerning the motor development. A preschool child is located in the stage of basical motor skills and movement patterns, allowing them to improve their kinetic actions and increase their motor memory.

An aspect that should be taken into consideration is the recreational use of free time, health care, and socialization, so for this reason during the months of November, March and April there are ludic activities such as: camping and aquatic recreation promoting health preservation and to avoid accidents at school and outside of school.

During these first moments of education, students have acquired knowledge of their bodies and the skills they perform, and they have stimulated their motor conscience, recognizing that senses are fundamental for obtaining knowledge of their environment, and in this way learn to act meaningfully.



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