What do living things need to survive?

3jDuring the month of May, the expected learning outcome for K1 allowed the children to identify the favourable conditions of water and light required for human, plant and animal life in their surroundings. In order to do this, we made different questions: what does a human need to live?

What do animals need? What does a plant need? Among their first answers were a ‘home’, ‘mom’, ‘dad’, ‘food’, ‘water’, ‘some grandparents’ and ‘dog food’.

We did diverse activities in which the children identified that living things have different needs. In order to do it, the children got together in teams and made a poster where they drew the different needs.1a

Little by little, with the help of videos and other activities in which they talked about what animals, humans and plants do, they identified that water, food and light are the needs that we have. We reinforced the activity talking about the importance of water: how we take care of it and what would happen if our planet ran out of water. In teams they expressed their ideas about how to look after the plant and save it from pollution.

Since the children recognized that some of our needs were water, light, air that trees give, we did an exercise in which they were watching each other to make sure no one played with water, that they closed the taps after washing their hands. They were making sure that their classmates didn’t pull up plants, they made sure someone went out to water them. The watchers in the classroom also had to make sure the lights were off when the last person left the room, or when they left the bathroom so as to not cause pollution. The kids do these kinds of activity very excitedly and are very careful with their classmates.

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