Healthy Food


In science we try to find ways for our students to build their own knowledge supported by their current and previous capabilities. We promote exploration, hoping to capture their attention with different, fun projects that result in them taking informed decisions about their own health.

Currently the children are attracted by many information sources but not all of them are real or truthful. It’s for this reson that we have to promote taking informed decisions so that they are able to make adequate choices about their health, an essential part of which is their diet.

With students in 7th grade in the Nutrition block, and with the purpose of developing skills related to building knowledge, we did a project called: ‘Healthy Food’ Gastronomy Event.

In this project the students got into teams and designed a menu of three dishes which had to include all the necessary elements for a healthy, sufficient, varied, balanced and correct diet. Within their menu they had to include a starter, a main course, a dessert and a dessert. They had to include the ingredients of a healthy meal, promoting the consumption of healthy food that didn’t exceed the Health Secretary’s recommended daily calorie consumption.


As well as that they had to simulate their own restaurant designing the concept that they wanted to transmit, preparing their table, scenery, and personal characterization according to their idea.

We also wanted to include cross-over potential in the project, so in Computing class they learned to use programs that allowed them to make flyers, menus and informative leaflets.



Miss Zuri.

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