Little letters

At the start of the school year our K3 children started work on the method ‘a world of letters’, where they have seen a story that discovers each letter of the alphabet, each week. Little by little they mode progress on the big adventura, dramatizing, playing, drawing and tasting food so that the learning experience was a complete one, using all the formative fields that we are supposed to. We are trying to strengthen textual production, recognizing some characteristics of a letter. They listened to the reading out of some examples, and they saw the way to write them, sharing positive messages or life experiences with their classmates through the letters.


To end the activity, the parents helped us to write a little letter, where they had to write everything they felt towards their children. Mothers and fathers got involved in what would be a surprise and a way of knowing all the love they feel for them. The students chose an open-air spot to read the letters, each child in his or own private space to read with attention fixed. Their faces were surprising, many emotions and feelings were coming through, since when they finished reading they realized that mom and dad had written the letter. We went back to the classroom to answer the following questions: How did they feel while reading the letter? Did you manage to read it alone? Would you like to send a letter to your parents? Their answers were amazing, because many blushed and cried with excitement.

It was a great, satisfactory experience that motivated the children to carry on getting ready with each day of reading and writing, to create new texts like: stories, notes, research, etc. For that reason we will continue trying to help them with learning outcomes in the six formative fields so that the children manage to live through new experiences and develop an interest and taste for writing, so that they can use different types of text and know what they are for, so that they can start the constant practice of writing when wanting to visually express ideas that they want to put across.


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