By Miss Joselyn López Peralta, Kinder 1A and 1B Spanish. According to my professional experience I can say with authority that it is a great challenge to design activities to foster student achievement, but it is also very satisfactory to see how children are integrating that learning into their daily […]

Tactile Lesson

Students from 7C had classes around the theme of ‘a science fiction story’ in Spanish, and the activity was to create a story from works of fiction they were already familiar with and that had had a literary impact on the 20th Century. Students learnt about key elements of story-writing: […]

Science Fiction in Spanish

Miss Cristy, 6th Grade I really like to work with constructivism: it makes me feel like my students are really learning, I can see on their faces how much fun they have doing their activities and sharing a lot of experiences with their friends. The purpose or this activity is to have […]

Food Chains Activity

Miss Molly, 4th Grade What comes to mind when you think of ecosystems? Most people think of rainforests, deserts, jungles, and coral reefs. A lot of students don’t realize that you can have an ecosystem in your own backyard. At the beginning of our life science unit, students were taught […]

Our Ecosystems Activity

During childhood, playing is an activity for children which is of outmost importance, both for their physical development and for the establishment of their individuality, so it is the ideal way to help in the formation of children at this early stage.We consider PE to be an essential part of […]

PE in Preschool

Why does math pose such a challenge to students? Most people say that being good at math is like a talent, you’re either born with it or you aren´t. Countless times I have heard parents say “When I was a kid, Math was my weakness. My child must have gotten […]

The Challenge of Math

During the month of May, the expected learning outcome for K1 allowed the children to identify the favourable conditions of water and light required for human, plant and animal life in their surroundings. In order to do this, we made different questions: what does a human need to live? What […]

What do living things need to survive?

Giving a constructivist class isn’t easy. It’s exciting, fun, edifying, productive, but never easy. It implies trying to forget everything I was taught about teaching in the last 19 years or so of academic studies. You have to take the teacher away from the front of the class, out from […]

Constructivist tasks with my first graders