Why does math pose such a challenge to students? Most people say that being good at math is like a talent, you’re either born with it or you aren´t. Countless times I have heard parents say “When I was a kid, Math was my weakness. My child must have gotten […]

The Challenge of Math /El reto de las matemáticas

During the month of May, the expected learning outcome for K1 allowed the children to identify the favourable conditions of water and light required for human, plant and animal life in their surroundings. In order to do this, we made different questions: what does a human need to live? What […]

What do living things need to survive?/¿Qué necesitan los seres ...

In science we try to find ways for our students to build their own knowledge supported by their current and previous capabilities. We promote exploration, hoping to capture their attention with different, fun projects that result in them taking informed decisions about their own health. Currently the children are attracted […]

Healthy Food / Comida Saludable

At the start of the school year our K3 children started work on the method ‘a world of letters’, where they have seen a story that discovers each letter of the alphabet, each week. Little by little they mode progress on the big adventura, dramatizing, playing, drawing and tasting food […]

Little letters/ Cartitas

The constructivist model that or educational institution proudly adopted allows that each one of our students to participate in an active learning process, where acting on our reality is building that learning process and at the same time the structures in his/her own mind. This model allows us to effectively […]